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"Easy Access from all over the World"

Erciyes is the the most centralized ski resort of the world by its geographical position. It is possible to access to the 1/3 of the World by a 4 hours flight from Turkey. From Istanbul to Kayseri there are daily 15 scheduled flights in a considerably, economic and comfortable. One hour flight distance from Erciyes to Istanbul makes Erciyes ski resort quite attractive for local and foreign tourists. On the other hand, Erciyes Ski Resort is just 25 minutes to Kayseri Airport, 20 minutes to Kayseri city center and 60 minutes to Cappadocia. Transportation is provided from the city center to Erciyes with double highway in comfort.


You will spend mountain nights in the hotels on Mt. Erciyes and experience the warm ambience with the fresh air of the mountain, or will prefer tos tay in high class gblobal hotels in Kayseri. Hotels on Erciyes Mountain present a luxury accommodation experience with their architectural design in conformity with the mountain concept. The famous worldwide branded hotels in Kayseri city center provide the opportunity to stay in the city with the advantage of transportation and vsiting Mt. Erciyes for skiing daily. Shopping in the city center of Kayseri, exploring history of the city and experiencing delicious tastes of Kayseri are among the reasons which make accommodation in the city center attractive.

Dağ Otelleri


Hotels on Erciyes Mountain provides luxury accommodation experience with their architectural design in conformity with the mountain concept at 2200 meters alltitute

Dağ Otelleri


Worldwide brand hotels in the city center of Kayseri provides accommodation in the city center with the advantage of easy access to Erciyes for skiing on a day-to-day daily basis. The opportunity to shop in Kayseri city center, explore the city's history and experience delicious Kayseri tastes is also among the reasons why it is tempting to stay in the city center.


You have visited Kayseri for a commercial concerns but decided tos tay a few days more for skiing without any equipment. This is not a problem at all. Rental shops are at your disposal for all kind of ski equipment with quite reasonable prices at each Gates. Ski and mountaining equipments rental for men, women and children have been serviced for your disposal by our rental shops such as Arlberg, Doruk, Kartanesi, Kuzey, Snowstar and Zumrut. Whats is more, even if you do not know skiing but want to learn with that occasion, our internationally licenced ski instructors will help you at SnowAcademia Ski School.