“The closest service place is …km ahead.”

This is one of the most frequently seen traffic sign writings on the motorways. When travelers see this sign on their way, they instantly get rid of their travel weariness. They have become hungry. They need to visit the toilet. There are regional products, souvenirs and refreshments to be taken to their destinations. It is a beautiful place to stop. If you are frequently traveling on the same route, then this place becomes ‘a definite place to stop’. You spend a short but very enjoyable time there. Since every traveler certainly needs a break and such service places appear from nowhere just in time.

And these introductions are just for the shops located on an altitude of 2.200 meters on top of Erciyes mountain… located on top of Erciyes Mountain, which has become one of the most prominent Summer and Winter Nature Sports Center not only in Turkey but also throughout the world thanks to the investments of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and professional administration and running of Erciyes A.Ş., these shops find their place just next to daily picnic areas at the Tekir location, on the right and left side of the roads which are built in motorway comfort, and they can meet all such needs.

Under the master projct planned for Erciyes Mountain, restoration has been conducted on the roads thus turning them into four lined motorway comfort ones. Again under the same master project, daily picnic fields have been established at the entrance of Tekir location, forwarded for the use of visitors for free. There are also camellias including grills in these picnic fields. Visitors could use this daily picnic fields for free and enjoy the air and view of Erciyes Mountain.

One you get out of your car upon arriving to the “Service Field” including the shops, you breath the fresh air of Erciyes. Then, you can make use of facilities provided to you in this place. It’s possible to find all daily meals including the breakfast in the shops located around. You could also taste a meat dish which is called ‘pöç’ and which has recently become popular on Erciyes! (highly recommended ) You could also find several types of soups and fast food here. Are you now full? No, not yet. Because you are going to have the famous circle dessert of Erciyes. Everyone who has passed from Erciyes, have certainly tasted this flavor. Acutally, it has become a tradition to taste this dessert once you stop here. The adventure of this dessert, which started to be sold in a car years ago, goes on in these shops. This famous dessert has never lost anything of its flavor as the years went by. You can drink the ice cold water from the fountains next to the shops. While your teeth are trembling because of its coldness, it will refresh you with its taste. Likewise, it has also become a tradition to take water from here in large bottles to your house. Experienced people bring their bottles here and take water. Those unprepared could get empty bottles from the shops as well as meeting their other needs. Don’t forget that you will always be asked whether you brought water, if you are coming from Erciyes We have filled our tummies. Had our desserts. Drunk the water and filled our bottles. We inhaled the fresh air of Erciyes into our lungs. There is just one thing left to do; buying souvenirs and regional flavors. You could get the freshest cheese, milk and other dairy products, types of honey, as well as plants and similar regional products from these shops. You could also taste the meat pastry, sausage and pastrami, some of the regional flavors of Kayseri that have become famous all over the world, to take them to your loved ones and relatives. In addition, you could also take some souvenirs from the souvenir shops, as a reminder of your visit Erciyes or as a present to your loved ones. You could also find, local food and souvenirs unique to both Erciyes and the locations on the outskirts of Erciyes. Now, you are ready to set off again.

If you like, you can hasten and stop there before arriving to Erciyes thus loading yourself up with energy. Or you could visit there to get rid of your tiredness after leaving from Erciyes mountain. But you must certainly visit the place Now, you have leant your “Service Field”. You have specified your point to stop on Erciyes. Congratulations, you have become one of the frequenters of this place. Wish you enjoy your time on Erciyes …

Have a good night!

Name Region Telephone
Şahin Sucuk Fabrika Satış Yeri Tekir +90 539 987 65 40
Çeşmebaşı Tatlıcısı Tekir +90 532 273 65 57
Sevde Tatlı Tekir -
Arı Bal Evi Tekir +90 506 092 20 37
Zirve Halı Tekir +90 538 668 90 28
Erciyes Yaylası Tekir +90 546 979 38 38
Erciyes Yöresel Ürünler Tekir +90 545 250 38 38
Tekir Tatlıcısı Tekir +90 535 868 64 36
Karçiçeği Peynircilik Tekir +90 537 827 38 88
Bayraktarlar Hediyelik Eşya Tekir +90 539 356 88 33
Bereket Market Tekir +90 544 423 42 05
Erciyes Dostlar Et Mangal ve Kahvaltı Tekir +90 530 657 42 52
Lifos Cafe Dağ Evi Restorant Tekir +90 552 356 70 70
Erciyes Kayak Merkezi



Erciyes Mah. Erciyes Blv.
Tekir Yaylası No:11 Melikgazi
Kayseri, Türkiye


Call Center: +90 352 342 3917
Management: +90 352 222 8966


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